Feature for realhomes.com Generating 44,000 pageviews – Worktops

Link to – 7 Materials for kitchen worktops

I love this piece of content. It embodies exactly what digital content should be. It’s useful, it’s unique, and it answers a question that our readers were asking. On top of that, no one else had really done it very well before. If you find out a little about how I did it, click continue reading…

How did I find the topic?

Worktops wasn’t even one of our focus keywords.

Kitchens was though.

Except kitchens is a difficult keyword to crack. You’ve got to compete with all the big kitchen fitters, Howdens and Ikea. Plus, Google’s focus on localised search means that the little joiner down the road can rank quite highly on search engine results pages.

The trick? Find a niche. People were asking questions about worktops on our bigger kitchens pieces, and what few worktop articles we did have were performing well, regardless of their lack of optimisation.

How is it so successful?

The key to making this piece of content so good was to make it really useful. It answers one frequently asked question in an easily digestible format. It wasn’t complicated to produce, it wasn’t time consuming. It just works for the user.

Google-analytics-for-worktops.jpgTake a look at those peaks! Not only did this content grow naturally, it consistently performs well on newsletters!

Now, this piece of content averages around 5000 page views a month. Not only is it a contender for the top spot on Google, the simple format means that it sits in the snippets box on the first page. It is even more likely that people will click through on to this page.

It is also ever-green. Its never going to go out of date. It isn’t time sensitive. A quick check every six months to see if the products are still available, or a google to see if there are any new products on the market, and you’ve got a piece of content that is going to consistently drive traffic to your website, indefinitely.

If you want me to help you generate an extra 5000 monthly page views for your website email me directly at ingram.writing@gmail.com



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